Diesel Power Source 62/71 Turbo Cummins 1st Gen Non-Intercooled


62/71 dps turbo specifically for a first gen non-intercooled. Unlike the pic it has a straight exit to hook to the non-inter cooled piping. Great spool up and ready to max out your typical ve pump mods right in the 450 hp range. Can go a little higher but most first gens with injectors and pump mods end up right here. And it definitely makes for a fun truck. If you are sticking with a slightly smaller injector, then opt for the same turbo but a 62/65 and enjoy a cummins that makes excellent low rpm power, the ve pumps specialty. You will need to order a 4" down pipe for this to bolt to your exhaust. 

Combine this turbo with our pdd 5x12's and our denny t pin, spring and afc delete for a complete power package for your first gen cummins. 
 (about $100 is added in there for the straight exit housing) 

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