AFC LIVE w/ Gauge & Max Travel Kit +SHIPPING


Product Details

AFC LIVE! (patent pending) is an In-cab fueling control for mechanical trucks with an infinite level of adjust-ability!

  • Fuel rate Adjustment
  • Max Fuel Adjustment
  • Complete EGT Control
  • Full Power Toggle Switch

Here at Power Driven Diesel we are proud to offer the best in-cab fueling control for mechanical trucks on the planet, AFC LIVE! (patent pending) There are other kits available that offer in-cab max fueling adjustments, but none have the infinite level of adjust-ability of our kit. Not only does AFC LIVE offer incredibly fine adjustments to max fueling, it also is the only kit with in-cab adjustment to the rate at which the fuel is applied. Before AFC LIVE, the only way to adjust the fueling rate on a P-Pump truck was to adjust the star wheel in the AFC. With our kit, you can adjust the fuel rate to advance slowly for better smoke control and fuel economy or let the rack travel fast for ultimate power. All of this live tuning is possible in-cab while driving with the twist of a knob!

AFC LIVE performs max fueling adjustment, fuel rate, and instant full power mode. This feature allows maximum fueling at the flip of a switch! Go to full race mode to show your buddies who is boss and flip right back to your pre-determined settings. This Version of AFC LIVE also comes with an integrated gauge to see how much pressure is running through the AFC system. This is useful when tuning and for making quick changes.

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